My Nana’s Gloves

My Nana’s Gloves

December 31, 2011 in animals, photography, cats, humor, people, society, new | by (Edit)


I fished wearing my Nana’s gloves-
gloves that went to New York operas and plays
gloves that held flutes of fine champagne
gloves covering hands that raised money for charities
and held handrails on cruise ships and buckled a
belt across her Chanel suit on flights over to Europe –
Might have even been the same gloves
that shook hands with Eleanor Roosevelt or
Ernest Hemmingway

These were gloves over 60 years old
and I could imagine my Nana looking down from heaven
saying, “Yes, if a Jewish princess must fish,
it should be done using fine gloves with crystals
and beading and a hand poised just so. And be
patient, life will reward you. Now stand up straight”

I looked down at the tight fingers while standing reverently after
casting out my line
thinking how a pair of gloves can conjure up
life’s finer memories from hidden hands
hands that cooked the finest kreplach and kugels
cakes and cookies
hands that rolled matzah balls and noodles into
the best chicken broth ever tasted
driven over in a black Cadillac Sedan DeVille
at the first sound of a sneeze or foretold
by your concerned hand against my forehead
you were always there to comfort

These were hands that could not do enough for others
hands that shared many life lessons with me
hands that held my Papa tight with a greater love I have never seen since
I would give anything to see her smile once more
to have her hands unsheathed
so I could take them into my own and
hug her while telling her what she truly meant to me

And now as I look upon those solemn gloves guarding
against the crisp winter chill
I know they have been lined with the love she left behind
love that I have eagerly slipped my fingers into
crossing anchors of time and dimension
to become warmed and still comforted by –
I heed her words and pose my hands nicely around the reel
standing a little straighter against the rawness
of the late afternoon wind
still patiently waiting for life’s reward…

4 thoughts on “My Nana’s Gloves

  1. This is one of the best poems I’ve ever read. I love the image of glove lined with love, protecting. Hands are so integral to who we are and what is important to us. Simply beautiful, Abbe.

  2. I love this, Cousin Abbe! Yes your Nana was certainly amazing (and the most wonderful cook ever!!) We used to drive over on Sundays just to be with them and have some of her delicious food!! (21/2 hrs each way!!). Beautiful words for a beautiful woman!! Lovely memories…

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