Sparrow Moon

Sparrow Moon

I dreamt I birthed a beautiful child
and tried to select the perfect name for her
discarding Raven Night  –  too dark and vacuous
choosing  instead, Sparrow Moon –

my dream daughter embraced the reflected light
and knowledge framed her,
she became a wise adult at age two,
but I lost her inside my cavernous mind
lost her to the shadows and wrinkles of beta sleep
and all day her name haunted me,
called to me as I took photo after photo of birds,
none of which was a sparrow.

Where and who was Sparrow moon?
that night I Googled the name,
there was only one person using my dream baby’s moniker,
a psychic named Janet-
pseudo named Sparrow Moon
and I emailed her ‘contact list’
telling her of  my dream, but adding  I had nothing to ask her.
It was only minutes till I received an auto  response —
she would like to have a reading starting at $19.95
or I could call the radio show for free
To which her Twitter statement became so apropos-
on the night of the dream her Twitter read,
“think before you act. There will be some brazen acts of stupidity.”
WHOA! She  was right on, indeed psychic!
Now should she email me back wanting to charge me
for reciting my dream in that email,
she will have to use her ability to read my mind for  my Visa number
after I spam future emails
and if she can do that,
my dreams really pack a punch…
(and I have learned from my “brazen act of stupidity”…)

2 thoughts on “Sparrow Moon

  1. Crazy dream! I don’t think it’s stupidity to seek knowledge and beauty, though; you just wanted to find out the source of that beautiful name. Maybe the lesson here is to trust your own intuition over someone else’s.

    — Gally

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