Alice and the Fair

100_5472-1re photo credit/colored by Abbe from original illustration by
john Tenneil

Alice And The Looking Glass Fair

Back in the 60’s
‘Fairs’ began to morph
within the confines
of shopping center parking lots
taking several days to initiate ‘Wonderland’

Flickering lights spilled out as a neon revival –
Alice would have loved the rides, the organ music,
the effervescent noise,  grandiose grins,
sugar highs and blue cotton candied coated tongues
all worn as a badge of kaleidoscopic affiliation

We took it all in
absorbing it like Kodachrome onto gray-matter
walking hand and hand through
trashed popcorn boxes, torn ticket stubs,
and mazes of tossed cigarette butts –
We ran amuck on ‘mad-hatter’ missions
mounting gyrating, painted beasts
suspending gravity and stomachs,
everyone hangin’ out just for the  ‘vibes’-

Now,  40 plus years later,
these are only foxhole eclipses into memory
life has become media infused entertainment
we are enslaved to cell phones and computers
we socialize through emails, ‘tweets’ and texts
down time equates to learning new and improved
advanced electronics

The  ‘old’ days seem  like a stone cutters holiday
But I  would go back if I could
to enjoy the cognizant honesty of it all
Those were the days when breathing was done in color
when Alice ruled
and we were mesmerized by a simple ‘carny’s’ paradise
riding high on the backs of caterpillars and dragons
gorging on life as if it was ours to waste
peeling dreams off the vapors of clouds –
The ’60’s was a Peter Max, tantric planet
where love was groovy and Hendrix was God

What fun it was living the parallel life with Alice
to circumvent earth and
spawn a whole new galaxy
and something as simple as a parking lot Fair
was enough of a ‘high’ to overwhelm –

At some point we grew up,
stopped conversing in Jabberwocky –
stopped toking with the Cheshire cat
but memories are fair game
and every now and then
the mind snaps into rewind-
and suddenly you are standing
behind life’s looking glass
wanting things simple
tired of life’s morass
so you close your weary eyes
and wait for Alice
and let that small hand with all the details
lead you through the mind maze
one more time…

One thought on “Alice and the Fair

  1. Wow….from one wanna-be hippie (without the drugs…I just wanted the lifestyle) who never made it to Woodstock because I was getting married at 17 and starting a family. The simple life remembered. WONDERFUL WORK, Abbe. How gifted you are! Bravo.

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