The Nuclear Messiah


The Nuclear Messiah

Could it be as Yeats predicted –
this, “rough beast slouching toward Bethlehem to be born”…

The new millenium breeds hate unchecked
violence encoded DNA
breaks through the sack of scarlet waters,
armed and edgy
they are cast out of the desert’s womb
blood boiling from the heat,
corrosive venom spewed to the West and Israel-
“offspring of apes and pigs”.
Yet, strip them all naked
and words circumvent
for they are the spawn of Abraham’s loins
children of Sarah
children of Hagar
genetics intertwined
as religions rip them apart

An uprising of castoffs resurrects itself upon the arid sand
Hagar bore Ishmael,
“I have blessed him…and I will make him a great nation.”
Then Sarah bore Isaac,
“But my covenant will I establish with Isaac.”

Now they all want what is “theirs” –
this covenant tattooed into their psyche
the land Yahweh promised in Old Testament words
the land promised by Quran prophesy
co-existence on the same dead end path

They are infused by the electricity of rancor
their veins clogged by Dead Sea salt
The desert sun has beat upon them for thousands of years
this place of scorpions and plagues,
of Jews and Muslims and Christians leveled beneath The Rock,
tumult and pain – the lifeblood of religion-
intolerance amasses it’s ominous daily funerals –
whose God is right, whose God is wrong?
Whose written word was plagerized?
Scholars will dissect and argue and agree only to disagree

These “slow thighs” walk heavily into Jerusalem-
only the sand carries the intimate details
of what transpired between gods whispering secrets

The world now watches its’ own Grim Reaper at work
a master skillfully adept at parallels
Man and civilization seem at odds
the rites and rituals of hostile mortals
show we live in a Shamans mockery
humanity sometimes practicing insanity

Israel, Palestine, The Middle East –
Messiah, Apocalypse, Intifada,
the mark of the devil has never been clearer
we would be duped to believe otherwise –
Man has tailor-made gods and demons to fit the deed
Yahweh rallies the Israelis
Muslims align with Allah
and Jesus is thrown in as a catalytic conversion
the common bond between them:
a love for fighting,
the need to arm with nuclear idolatry
and an obsession for morbid eschatology-
Which demagoguery shall win this class of self-inflicted vanity?

Yeats foretold it-
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
are full of passionate intensity.”

The rumblings beneath the desert are felt-
the sands shift into position of silent neutral witness
ready to absorb and cleanse the bone back to dust
there can be no peace in this contentious land of Cain and Abel
One days soon the Beast will arrive
he will be nothing foretold by the Book of Revelations
there will be no time for an unveiling of Seven Seals
no time for the white horse or trumpeting
as the Beast will drop from the sky
metal and chemical and scientifically engineered
and on that day ‘Free will” will be imposed-
this feud of deity-superiority will end mankind
even the sand,
the one true vanquisher of time
will be fused into glass…

2 thoughts on “The Nuclear Messiah

  1. frightening
    there has to be a solution to this whole sorry mess
    there’s been far too much bloodshed
    it has to stop
    but who, when, how
    only G-d knows

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