The Mermaid / Yoda’s proposal

The Mermaid will be part of a photography/poetry exhibition I am currently working on. I would like people to see photos with the thoughts behind it, it will be a dream series.  The Mermaid appears in the book
Meditations on the Modern Nude
An Original Collection, Volume # 1, 2009
By: A Circle of Artists and can be previewed at:
Yoda just happened to get sucked into the second photo


I dreamt my mother was the most beautiful
mermaid in the sea
who tossed me ashore because my legs were not fused

She cared not that I could swim and dive
Instead, she left me to run
with the fugitive wind

Andrea_Yodatext dream-2res

I dreamt my daughter was engaged to Yoda
and I looked at the diamond ring
which was only a half carat

I asked him why such a cheap ring
He said, “size matters not, look at me,
judge me by size do you?”

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