Light Subject for Monday

000_1248res crane’s long stick legs have
knees bending wrong way
my knees bend forward
theirs go back
do they genuflect to nature’s back
or am I the one out of whack?


I touched a green lizard
his body turned brown
my Midas touch is for shit…

cat sheds dead winter coat
hair moves like shrouded butterfly
needs good catacomb…

one horn
two wings
no corn
who named this animal anyway…

DSC00204res Birds come to my feeder
singing cheep cheep cheep
they have not priced birdfood

bella51508-1res neighbor’s dog barks all night
no sleep as he howls in frustration
I suggested that we need
a line of de-‘bark’-ation

DSC06176res the moles are tunneling in the yard
burrowing into mother earth
in and out
in and out
holey molestation…

snake slithers over dead dried leaves
the leaves crackle and snap
warning the birds of

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